Reading an eyeglass prescription can be tricky work to do. To get you a pleasant and easy online shopping at 3in1eyewear, we provide a prescription help service. You can upload your prescription photo and select your PD number when ordering the glasses. We will read your prescription once we receive your order information. 

If you are interested in decoding your eyeglass prescription, here are some optical abbreviations that you should know first.
Additionally, prescriptions vary in different languages or writing formats. If you cannot understand that, we recommend uploading your prescription, and we will read it for you.
*If you have a prism prescription, please upload it to your order in case of any production faults.
*Attention: there maybe an extra cost for a prism prescription. we will contact you if it happens.

OD refers to Oculus Dexter, which is a Latin term for the right eye.
OS represents Oculus Sinister, which is a Latin term for the left eye.
OU refers to Oculus Uterque, which means both eyes.
On an eyeglasses prescription, your right eye (OD) always comes before the information for your left eye (OS). Eye doctors write prescriptions this way.

Sphere/Spherical (SPH)
It indicates the value of lens power prescribed to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness. If the numbers in this section appear with a minus sign (-), it means you are nearsighted; if it has a plus sign (+), then you are farsighted.
These signs are essential when you fill in the RX form, so make sure you select the correct numbers. Most values will be 0.00 to +/-10.00.
Several abbreviations under this heading mean no power for nearsightedness or farsightedness.
1.The SPH field is blank.
2.There is a "PLANO/PL", "INFINITY/∞", "NONE/00", "SPH", "DS", "BALANCE/BAL" in SPH field.

Cylinder/Cylindrical (CYL)
It indicates the amount of lens power for astigmatism. The power of value appears with a plus or a minus sign in most cases and will be between +/-0.25 to +/-4.00.
Several abbreviations under this heading mean no power for astigmatism.
1.The CYL field is blank.
2.There is a "PLANO/PL", "INFINITY/∞", "NONE/00", "SPH", "DS", "BALANCE/BAL" in CYL field.

This value will be appearing as a degree number from 1 to 180. The numbers only describe the position of astigmatism, so an Axis cannot be present if there is no CYL value.

PD stands for Pupillary Distance measured in millimeters. It is the distance between the centers of your pupils. This measurement is necessary for glasses production, so make sure you measure it as accurately as possible. 

Addition (ADD/NV/near)
It stands for the additional magnifying power applied to correct presbyopia (people who are over 40 years old may get it). The number under this heading always has a plus sign, even if there is no plus sign. Generally, it will be the same power for both eyes and range from +1.00 to +3.00.


Prescription Examples:
Prescription in English looks like this.

Prescriptions in other languages look like these.

*ESFERA is Sphere, CILINDRO is Cylinder, EJE is Axis, ADICIÓN is ADD, DP is PD.