Ultra light & Super flexible

We combining the magnetic principle design with the latest generation of titanium material.

We created a timeless lightweight design with frames made of flexible titanium to ensure the consumers wear them all-day long without feeling any discomfort - glasses is an extension of your body, not a hidden problem around you.

Bule blocking lenses-relieve eye fatigue

Blue light, also know as High Energy Visible (HEV), it transmits a high degree of energy which represent threat to eye health. It can be found in both natural sunlight and artificial sources such as computers, smart phones and televisions. More blue light is emitted from smart phones and tablet computers than any other light source.

TAC polarized lenses - filtering glare

When you enjoy the time under big sunlight, TAC polarized sunglasses are the best choice to make your day better. A pair of Y-glasses lenses can improve vision, reduce eyestrain and allow wears to experience true perception of colors and the beautiful world.

Polarized night vision glasses - easily cope with all-weather complex weather

Night vision glasses add a nano-brightening layer technology, which can soften the high-beam lamp and brighten the weak light, so that you can have a better visual effect at night.

Increasing road clarity, reducing astigmatism, reducing glare, and it can enhance light at dark places, is the best choice for safe driving at night.