Q:Are your glasses heavy?

A:Our glasses are extremely lightweight, made of aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy, and all products weigh between 13-20g. You don't need to worry about the weight issue.

Q:Can people with nearsightedness use them?

A:Yes, you can either have the lenses customized at a local optical store or choose our custom lens service.

Q:Do you have styles for women?

A:Yes, please check the catalog page for women's styles.

Q:Can they be used while driving?

A:Of course! Many of our customers purchase our glasses for driving purposes.

Q:Do you ship to my country?

A:Is shipping free? Absolutely, we offer worldwide shipping and free shipping to all countries.

Q:Do you have 3D lens clip-ons?

A:Yes, our 4-in-1 styles come with 3D lenses.